We cut all of our timbers and lumber from local grown New Mexico trees. Species of wood we cut: Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, White (concolor) Fir, (Aspen & Cedar when available).

Custom sizes available upon request.

Macy pattern with singles,

doubles, half of corner

 (Kiva pattern on the left.  Macy pattern on the right.)

Willow and Salt Cedar Bundles

Limited quantities available

Sizes: 1/4in. to 3/4in.

Length: 3-5 ft.


We cut corbels from two main patterns, Kiva and Macy, we also cut custom patterns if they meet our strict criteria.  We make singles: (a short one sided corbel made to come out from a wall), doubles: (corbeling on opposite sides, meant to go on top of a post or pillar), corners: (two singles that overlap on pad to make a 90* angle.)

Sizes: 4x4in., 4x6in., 4x8in., 4x10in., 4x12in., 6x6in., 6x8in., 6x10in., 6x12in., 8x8in., 8x10in., 8x12in., 10x10in., 10x12in., 12x12in.