Finished Lumber and timbers     

Sizes: 1x4, 1x6in., 1x8in., 1x10in., 1x12in., 2x4in., 2x6in., 2x8in., 2x10in., 2x12in.                                   Lengths: random 6ft.-16ft.

From most of our rough sawn products we can make a smooth finished product.

S1S2E: (surface one side two edges) we can make the shown side rough or smooth. Graded to the rough face (thickness 7/8in. on 1x’s, 1 7/8in. on 2x's)

S4S: (surface on four sides). (thickness 3/4in. on 1x’s, 1 3/4in on 2x's)                  

We cut all of our timbers and lumber from local grown New Mexico trees. Species of wood we cut: Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, White (concolor) Fir, (Aspen & Cedar when available).

Custom sizes available upon request.

S4S 1x 4in., 1x6in., 1x8in.

 S4S 1x8in


(tongue  and groove center match) Square on both sides butts up tight together.

Sizes: 1x4in., 1x6in., 1x8in., 1x10in., 1x12in., 2x4in., 2x6in., 2x8in., 2x10in., 2x12in. (thickness 3/4in. on 1x’s, 1 3/4in. on 2x’s)

Lengths: random 6ft.-16ft. 

T&G CM 1x4in., 1x6in., 1x8in.    

T&G CM 1x8in.

T&G-V 1x8in

T&G-V 1x4in., 1x6in., 1x8in.


(tongue and groove- v ) when butted together shows a V groove on the showing face.

Sizes: 1x4in, 1x6in., 1x8in., 1x10in., 1x12in, 2x4in., 2x6in., 2x8in., 2x10in., 2x12in.  (thickness ¾ on 1x’s 1 ¾ on 2x’s)

Lengths: random 6ft.-16ft.