We cut all of our timbers and lumber from local grown New Mexico trees. Species of wood we cut: Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, White (concolor) Fir, (Aspen & Cedar when available).

Custom sizes available upon request.

Machine pealed

Hand Drawn

Coyote  Fencing

Same as a latilla, a small wooden pole (with the bark left on for a natural look)

Species: Spruce, Fir, Aromatic Juniper

Sizes: 2-3in. diameter, 3-4in. diameter, (4-5in. is more of a post size)

Lengths: 6ft., 8ft., 12ft. ( longer lengths when available)  Aromatic Juniper 8ft only


A small wooden pole

(machine turned or hand pealed with a draw knife)

Speices: Spruce, Fir

Sizes: 2-3in. diameter, 3-4in. diameter

Lengths: 6ft., 8ft., 12ft. (longer lengths when available)

Aromatic Juniper

Spruce & Fir