Rough Cut Timber and Lumber

    We cut all of our timbers and lumber from local grown New Mexico trees. Species of wood we cut: Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, White (concolor) Fir, (Aspen & Cedar when available)


    Rough cut timbers 

    Standard Size: 4x4in., 4x6in., 4x8in., 4x10in., 4x12in.

    Standard Size: 6x6in., 6x8in., 6x10in., 6x12in.

    Standard Size: 8x8in., 8x10in., 8x12in.

    Standard Size: 10x10in., 10x12in.

    Standard Size: 12x12in.

    Standard lengths: 4ft. 6ft. 8ft. 10ft. 12ft. 14ft. 16ft. (18ft and longer are custom lengths at extra cost) Custom sizes can be cut depending on dimensions (at extra cost) roughly to size


    Rough cut lumber

    Size: 1x4in., 1x6in., 1x8in., 1x10in., 1x12in., 2x4in., 2x6in., 2x8in., 2x10in, 2×12 in.

    Lengths: 4ft., 6ft., 8ft., 10ft., 12ft., 14ft., 16ft. (18ft and longer extra cost)

    The lumber is cut rough its dimensions may vary on all sides.  Your options are; (bright) which is a mix of spruce, pine and white fir. (blue stained) which is same as (bright) only with natural colored spalting.  (Douglas fir) which has salmon red coloring.